7thAzure is going ASIA !

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7thAzure is going ASIA !

Post by Izumi on Sat Mar 14, 2009 11:08 pm

Dear You,

We are proud to announce that we have a new asian area leader!

Ta-Da Louise / Shana
from now on, he will be incharge of the 7thAzure Asia Side,
and whilst I am remaining active, I will be still incharge of the EU & NA division, along with my other lovely admins and trainee admin of NA ([Az]Taker).

I must say it's a very difficult job for Louise, as he is the only asian player in our current clan, and now that he has recruited Mythologic, let us be nice to them and provide as much help as possible to them so they can spread our love to our asian brothers!

I will have no question over his decision and recruitment directions.
So let us hope that Louise will remain part of us from now on.

And I really want to say thank you to Louise,
for helping us.

Clan Leader (/ownt u Louise)


P.S: to Marin and Dom,
if you QQ too much about their lag and ping
or if you be rude/ un-nice, Louise can kick you
just like the other admins Wink))))) let us behave Very Happy:DD

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