Regarding [Az]Angel/Azua/Ben

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Regarding [Az]Angel/Azua/Ben

Post by Nathan0621 on Tue Sep 15, 2009 6:15 pm

I have permantly kicked Ben. I went into a game with him, thinking everything was fine, Said Hi Ben, he ignores me, so I think okay might not of heard me, gen chat off, so I said you become a knob ben, and he goes Hmm?, then I go to him and he kills me and then stands on my body, as in taunting me he did this around 3 rounds, then I record it so i have proof, If I see him in this clan I will automaticaly kick him.

He is now Perm kicked by me, I have not gone over this with any other admins, nor Izumi.

This is all on my shoulders, I will kick him if anyone re-adds him.

Regards~ Nathan.

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