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(7thAzure Forum Rules) Empty (7thAzure Forum Rules)

Post by Ayikura Wed May 28, 2008 2:14 pm

7thAzure Rules (*WARNING* Please Read Before Doing Anything)

Basic Guidelines

7thAzure Rules

- Respect other members!!.. that means no flames, no extreme-level profanity.

- Do not spam hardcore!!... Don't post stupid links like pornography, free i-pod, or any other ridiculous links..if located, your account will permanently be deleted and you will be banned permanently..

- Don't Double post - self explanatory

- Don't over do your signature, keep it to a minimum (Recommended 195x115).

- And please try to KEEP it on the topic!.. try not to go off-track. People don't want to read useless posts.

Follow these rules and you should be fine. If you get a warning, it's because you've broken one of these rules. If continue to do so you will get ban.

Thank you for reading. Enjoy your stay at 7thAzure Forums

7thAzure Team
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