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Hello Kaya here =:D

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Hello Kaya here =:D Empty Hello Kaya here =:D

Post by Kaya1232 Mon Sep 14, 2009 8:11 am

So i put a thought a bout giving a try to join 7th Azure =)

Application Form:

Real Name: Kristo
Age(if you are 18 in 1 month say 17 please): I am 15 years old
Connection Speed(in Meg):1,2mb

Application to which version of Gunz? (Ijji NHN Gunz the Duel / International Gunz The Duel): Ijji gunz

In Games Name (Please Provide your alts also) & Level:

Level:66 []Kaya[]
Level:Lvl 18 iExcellently
Level:Lvl 60 SantaSam

When did you start playing Gunz? : I started in January 2009

Please Rate yourself in the scale of 10 for the following:

Skills:It's pretty hard to decide myself errmmm 7 ?:O
Funniness:10 =Very Happy ( Always alot of fun in Ts/skype with meh )
Being with alot of ppl:10

Describe your clan war style:Pretty much tryin to focus on teamwork obviously and umh just be a good teammate =D

What time do you usually play gunz? (Please provide timezones): I live in GMT +3 (Estonia ) And i am usually pretty active

What are the previous clans you have been in?: Ive been in Winland , MementoMori ,

What are your reasons for leaving your previous/current clan?: I Left it due to alot hatred and rude behaviour against me .

What do you think about 7thAzure?: I think about it as my previous clan MM which should be very communicated and organised clan .

Why do you want to join 7thAzure?: There arent much clans i would like to join u know . All those ego pro clans are not for me kk .
I wanna join a clan that will not close within a week >_>

What can you provide 7thAzure with?: Emhhhh idk my leetness ? Very Happy

Do you know any members of 7thAzure?: I do not know Surprised

How can we find/contact you? (msn/aim?): U can contact me by addin me to msn kristoroots1@hotmail.com or skype kristoroots1

Do you have mic/ventrillio?: Yes i have both of them

Do you use Sol's config for your Gunz gaming?: I do .

Do you have FPS lag?: No

Is your internet stable? (do you spike?): It is stable

Favourite Quotes you say: I dont have any :O

Provide us with your replays and a few screenshots:
Coming with RAR file !
Download this rar file for pictures =)

Additional Informations : Basically there are not much clans i would want to join because i dont wanna join some ego clan and well i am not clanhopper . This is one of those clans which are actually worth to play together with . IF i get into clan cwing isnt most crucial so if i will be not able to its okei . I am just fine if i can spend my days of gunz with nice people and be able to chat and have fun with nice peoples =) .

THank you <3


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