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A New Chapter

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A New Chapter Empty A New Chapter

Post by Izumi Thu Sep 24, 2009 10:14 pm

Takamaiyo Izumi's Chapter of 7thAzure

No Heart No Azure.
A New Chapter 1253817073232_Skorn159_untitled

As the wind blows, it connects our minds together, forever.

It is my time now, I am going to go University, So I will have to take my hands off from 7thAzure. It Feels weird, because I've always been there doing everything >__> literally.
I am not going to hope that the clan will not die, but I honestly hope that everybody in 7thAzure had fun.
And I do hope that everyone will remember 7thAzure as a clan of a family, a community, a group of nice people
with great attitudes, great playstyles and great hearts!

I've some final messages to say before I leave.

To The New Leaders of 7thAzure:

Running a clan isn't easy, and I am sure without me it'd be 10x times harder than usual.
Haha, listen, we're 7thAzure leaders. We have to be kind and gentle, understanding and nice to everyone.
I sometimes do the bits and bobs that no others do, we draw at sometimes for clans that dc.
We don't tk and we have fun and don't complain. I hope this tradition can be carried on.
I want you guys to treat others how you wanted to be treated.
Preserve yourself, when you lose, don't rage or get angry.
Because a lost means, you have space to improve.
Don't let win overrun your head, there's always another mountain that's higher than the one you are in.
And finally, the way how I kept 7thAzure alive. The ultimate secret is, NEVER GIVING UP. No matter how many cws you lose, no matter how many people rage quit,
Have faith in yourself, believe tomorrow you will be better.
Stay in 7thAzure, and when there's at least one other person is online, you can cw.
It means you can climb back up. You can win again. Have faith not in others, but yourself.
Make the future in your own HANDS!

To Individuals:

I named you first because you were the one that brought me here.
YOu were the one that gave me an acc with no prems and now it's like a godly acc.
You were the one that taught me the most, although quite unwillingly but still.
Thank you for everything,lol don't know what else to say.
Did we know ech other since GCSE? cuz somehow i remember asking you
what your GCSE results were. lol WELL i will continue to bug you to play with me,
during holidays and things x))

You are one little fat prat, sort your attitude out if not how can you help the clan?
Grow up and become more like me, I know you cant be as good as me but you can work to it.
Not bragging, but from now on, bare in mind, this question,
if you are to encounter problems in clan, think how I would solve the problem.
I think i have shouted at you enough to tell you what your stupid issues and problems are.
You are a nice person, so please continue to be one even in this rough community.

Maplestory noob, gosh what are you doing. Okay forget you. LOL
But thank you for helping me and being there even when you are not there literally.

-Angelo / DiaZ:
Oh gosh I have to mention you somehow, xD you are one of the 'best' guy.
Not in gunz, i am talking about real life. Thank you for that time,
you being nice to me, it was unforgettable. Then you have never been nice to me eversince =_=.
Always shout at me, always be the negative one to me. But still,
you only did that to make my positiveness and my aura more brighter.
XD thank you nonetheless~~~~~~~~~~~ for everything.

To the members of 7thAzure:

There's not enough thank you for me to say to you,
how much your presence in clan has done to me. I tell you, sometimes I feel down too.
Like how come I am still so bad, how come I am still not strong to carry you all (xd I do feel that).
Then I look into the clan list, seeing each of your names, I am proud to say I have an individual with every single member in 7thAzure. and when I see you guy's names in clan, I know I cannot give up.
No matter what, I cannot disappoint you guys. This home clan isn't just a clan for you guys to have fun,
it's also a clan to let you guys to be proud of. I cannot let any shame or embarrassment fall upon you,
therefore no matter what, I will stick up for you guys. I won't let you guys down.
And I believe every single one of you, I seriously do.
In time of arguements or troubles, I will never fail to believe in you guys.
I am sorry, the clan isn't the best yet. I regret I am not very good, but don't lose faith.
We can still do it, eventually!
Thank you, for being my power, being my motivations.
Shout out to the oldies, Zaella, Nathan, Shallallala, Ayikura,Tim, Nesrine (hairy monster),Raddy,Pwn...

To the great friends in Arashi:

You guys are the nr1. Although we haven't played the most together,
but it is unforgettable all the experience with you guys.
How Vae shout at me for being stupid, how Deaq tells me off, how hugo has thick brows.
how yvar being surf boy, how natsumi welcomed me, how tetsuo is being stupid.
My first getting shouted at was by vae, it was even worst than with Willy.
And even today, I am still scared to play with you Vae xd. Thank you Yune.
And deaq, the best man ever. He taught me one thing, 'YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE' on vent.
XDDD and Natsumi hahaha. He is the man with the coolest attitude and although he's like really mean,
but deep inside, he's such a nice person. And Hugo, he doesn't deserve any words from me. LOL
And Yvar, he has big feets. Thank you for teaching me, and giving me such a great experience.

To the great friends in Abyss and Throne:

ApplePie, I can't really remember how I start to talk to you.
But we've played so much together it's unbelievable.
It's funny recalling how I made PiePie tournament, just to keep you from qutiting,
and now I have to quit before you do. haha it has been a pleasure to meet you.
Amon, loveyy you, it's funny to see your noobiness and the stupid singing all the time.
Although Apple sings better, but still 6-0 Razz.
And facey, lol you are the best, shurrup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You guys taught me, how to have fun in gunz, like more fun than usual.
The singings and we actually talked and gone through alot.
Oh Memo, I will put you here, since I met you from Abyss and Throne.
hahahaha you suck with the jap girl, imma steal her Razz

To the great friends in Polse/StrongBro/Ucers:

Haha you guys are the coolest of all.
Yup I mean you Miliho, ZenjiX, Multifag, Kemikal,Timu. Saaee and Tiger.
even though you guys are bit crazy sometimes looooool,
but still the craziness sometimes is the best of gunz.
you guys are tremendous fun, and really nice although you guys ego others quite alot haha
and they all fall for it. I am really honored to have joined to be a part of Polse and your community.
Although just a lil bit, but still i can feel the STRONGNESS you have inside everyone of you.
You guys are still young, and thank you for always asking me whether i got a job or not.
so continue to make fun and have fun in gunz, i will miss you guys.

To the Portguese people:

Emma Watson, Pedruni, Crovax and plenty plenty more.
It's really an honor to meet you guys, it's fun to play around with you guys.
I hope you guys have a great time in everything you do.

To the Magicians noob:

Well now they are Tetsuo, Natsumi, Moonsun, Tweety, Flame,Kimizaru erm not sure if i know the rest.
but you guys are the first team i supported dearly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Srsly I never cared about England winning the world cup or the Rugby match,
but I cared for Magicians to win the TOurney in the ijji tournament!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you for being pros, thank you for being the ones constantly teaching us.
You guys are the best Razz

To the Elite 5/Xiaolin:

Thank you for being so nice and kind, especially the time when I nearly gave my account away.
You guys didn't want me to lose my account so you didn't take the avenge.
I can't say enough to thank you, especially to Jonny and Davey, you 2 are great people!
And ello to James Prosp and other members!!!


e-Friendships are not bounded to be internet stuff only,
everyone who plays this game is just like yourself, Another Human Being. It might hurt to be who you are, or being a bit weak to others, but eventually they will return their hearts to you when you give them yours.

That's how I did it.


P.S: I will be Back.

A New Chapter Gunz495so1
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A New Chapter Empty Re: A New Chapter

Post by Nathan0621 Wed Jun 22, 2011 6:46 am

I think we need a reunion haha. one more clan oldschool. get all the old members back. will bring a tear to my eye if this happens.

oh and has to be ijji since ya know thats were we all belong really.

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